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Trained by Grace

The New Year is a great opportunity for resolutions and adjustments in life—but what does the Gospel have to say about personal growth and calibration? Hint: It’s all about grace! Find out more in our new series.

Advent 2016

Advent is a season that celebrates more than Christmas. Join us as we discover the life-changing, culture-shifting, and world-changing implications of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Living by Grace in a Broken World

As we study Paul’s letter to Titus, this series is devoted to discovering how to live with, through, and in the Gospel of God’s grace in a broken and fallen world — and how this Good News changes everything.

Bruce McRae

The following are single or two-part sermons from our interim senior pastor, Bruce McRae. For more information on Bruce, visit our staff page.

Discover Parkview

Discover the four values of Parkview’s mission: Celebrating, Growing, and Advancing Together in Christ. For a brief overview of these core values, visit our mission page.


In following our series called “Living Faithfully as Exiles” and studying where we do not belong and what we aren’t called to, this series is devoted to discovering where we belong and what we are called to do as citizens of a Heavenly Kingdom.

Living Faithfully as Exiles

In studying 1 Peter, we are called exiles of the world, born again to a hope everlasting, a holiness never-ending, and a Gospel overwhelming — and this identity radically changes everything from relationships and vocation to community and joy.

For the Joy of the Nations

Parkview Church has always been actively committed to reaching out and into the community and world. This series is devoted to discussing why and how we do so as we learn about God’s great joy in reaching the nations with the Good News of His saving work. For more information on how Parkview applies these truths, please visit our outreach page.

The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke, written by the doctor-historian Luke who also wrote the book of Acts, accounts of the birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this in-depth and personal study of the Gospel of Luke, we discover how the Gospel deeply impacts and greatly flourishes every facet of our lives.

Advent 2014

Advent is a season of joyful expectation as we look forward to the coming of Christ — an event we get glimpses of every year as we look forward to Christmas, beginning the first Sunday of December.

Guest Speakers