Men’s Retreat

Join us for our annual men’s retreat for a weekend of fellowship, fun, and food with teaching from Jeffrey Stull, Pastoral and Professional Counselor at

  • When: Friday, March 6 to Saturday, March 7
  • Where: Unicoi State Park (Helen, GA)
  • Cost: $85 per person
  • How: Contact Todd Long to register

Our current study book is Daniel Doriani’s book, “Getting the Message” (order online)

Weekly Table Talks

Table Talk is our leadership training course which is open to all men. It consists of small groups that meet throughout the year where men enjoy serious study and supportive community in a relaxed environment. The studies focus on three general areas:

  • Gospel Foundations
    We believe that the Gospel is foundational to everything in a man’s life. How do we as men live at home and at work in light of the truth of the Gospel? How does the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus give us identity, purpose, and freedom to live and love as men? How does the cross of Christ continue to transform our lives long after our introduction to faith in Jesus?
  • Theological Foundations
    All of life is founded on our “theology”, that is who we know God to be. Who is God? What is He like? What has He done for me through Jesus? These studies are designed to grow our cognitive and our functional knowledge of God and His Kingdom such that our lives will evidence more of the beauty of who He is.
  • Ministry Foundations
    The Gospel is never just for us, that we might feel better about ourselves. Instead, it always drives us outward. How does the Gospel move us into the lives of others? How does it motivate us to make God’s name known? These studies help us grow in our understanding of our calling to minister to others, and to give us better skills to carry out that calling.

For more information about Table Talk, contact Ron at the church.


Led by Ron Clegg


Led by Ron Clegg


Led by Ron Clegg


Led by Alan Montgomery