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The Underwhelming Bible

Underwhelmed It’s Good Friday, 2015. I’ve just been bombarded by trends in digital Christendom through feeds from popular Christian thinkers and posts from famous Christian bloggers. And there is a staunch, crispy realization bubbling underneath the rhetoric of the dozens of one-liners, clever graphics, and sentimental tweets overflowing my conscious: I don’t know if the […]

Millennial Deism

The Extraordinary Individual Elbert Hubbard once said, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men but no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” The late 18th century American novelist penned these words in the midst of a technological boom that would inaugurate the famous “Roaring 20’s,” when the American economy […]

Living in Denial Versus Pursuing Real Joy

Social media is good for a lot of things. I never knew it would be such a great place to learn philosophy. Here is one of the latest happy face slogans, “Happiness is the ability to move forward, knowing that the future will be better than the past. Today, I choose happiness!” Yes, I am […]

Holiness and Joy: An Unbeatable Combination

In Nehemiah 8, Nehemiah has successfully overseen the completion of the city wall’s reconstruction. Yet, that was not all that he needed to do in his return to Jerusalem. The spiritual decay of the people was evident, and reforms had to be instituted. All of the people were called together before the recently rebuilt temple, […]

Egalitarian Complementarianism

Resurgent Complementarianism I want to begin this post with gratitude: I am deeply and devoutly grateful for the Lord’s resurgence of both Reformed theology and complementarianism in the modern, evangelical church. It is not only an incredible encouragement to see men herald the Good News and its commission for men and women to uniquely pursue […]

Is the Bible Reliable?

Once again at this time of year (and we will indeed see it again at Easter), under the guise of “objective journalism”, the foundations of our faith are under assault. In the latest issue of Newsweek, a front cover story questions the reliability of the Bible. The writer tries to give the impression that he […]